CBDs for anxiety while driving

While driving is something most of us don’t put any second thought into, for some there are serious and debilitating anxieties when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Whether it’s to go down the road or to drive across the country, there are certain forms of stress that comes with driving. CBD oils have […]

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Celebrities Investing in the Legal Marijuana Industry

  Legal marijuana has come leaps and bounds in the United States since the mid-90s. Then, California became the first state to approve the use of marijuana medicinally in 1996. Since then, certain states have taken the initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use (Colorado being the first in 2012). Legalization of both medicinal and […]

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cbd oil products for arthritis and joint pain

  Many people suffer from arthritis. In fact, in the United states alone more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children exhibit some kind of arthritis. It’s a disease that is progressive and usually becomes worse as people age. While simple therapies and over-the-counter drugs can sometimes give reprieve from symptoms of arthritis, many people […]

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best CBD oils for chronic back pain

Living with chronic back pain is a struggle. While the possibilities of why your back pain exists are endless, finding a solution that works doesn’t have to. Seeking natural and safe methods through CBD oil use is achievable without having to go through constant trial and error. Find out which are the best CBD oils […]

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Best CBD Oil Products for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can be crippling to deal with on a daily basis. According to Scientific American 1 in 6 American adults are on antidepressants. A point often overlooked, for adults over the age of 60, that number increases dramatically to 1 in 4. Specifically, Zoloft and Celexa were some of the most popularly prescribed […]

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