CannazAll Overview

CannazAll is a CBD manufacturer that focuses on providing quality first-cut CBD oil based products. They only use purpose grown, domestic hemp plants that have been approved by the Department of Agriculture’s hemp program. Their products are 100% organic and are not produced using GMO’s. CannazAll offers tinctures, concentrated oil, mixable powder, gel caps, skin salve and e-liquid.

CannazAll’s products are tested to have THC levels under the FDA’s legal limit guidelines. There are no psychoactive ingredients in their products. Users will not test positive for marijuana use on drug tests.

What You Should Know About CannazAll’s CBD Based Products

CannazAll’s products are first-cut CBD derived from 100% organic, USA grown, non-GMO hemp plants. The CBD is produced using CO2 extraction and a proprietary NanoTech Infusion ProcessTM to infuse more of the plant materials back into their products.

CannazAll offers the following products:

CBD Tincture – Offered in 250mg and 500mg per ounce. These tinctures are flavored using peppermint extracts to give a smooth and refreshing flavor. This whole plant extract provides healthy plant sterols, terpenes, and botanicals along with organic grapeseed oil. It is a quick and effortless way to get your daily dose of CBD each day. One once gives approximately 25 doses.

CBD Potent Concentrate Oils – Packaged in syringes, it’s a straightforward way to get your daily CBD. Enjoy the mild to strong “hempy” taste. They are packaged in 300mg syringes and 800mg for those seeking the lowest possible THC in their CBD regimen.

CBD Mixable Powder – Each jar of CannazAll mixable powder contains 1,000mg of first-cut CBD. Delivering the same quality CBD as CannazAll’s other products, this powder mixes easily into shakes, smoothies or even into food. This allows for quick and steady absorption.

CBD GelCaps – Each container of CannazAll CBD GelCaps contains approximately 30 doses of 25mg gel caps. This is truly the easiest way to get your daily CBD. The gel caps absorb deeply into the digestive tract and delivers CBD over a more extended period.

CBD Skin Salve – An excellent topical way to get your daily CBD. Each container of CannazAll’s Topical CBD salve delivers approximately 250 applications for a total of 400mg of CBD. Use the salve for many skin ailments, from psoriasis and eczema to more serious ailments.

CBD e-Liquid – Each 5ml vial of CannazAll’s CBD e-Liquid contains over 60mg of CBD. Offered in “Island Punch” flavor, this vape liquid is a truly unique and delicious way to get your daily CBD.

CannazAll Brand CBD Review

CannazAll manufactures hemp based CBD products from only purpose grown hemp plants that are rich in CBD. Their hemp plants are grown in indoor and outdoor facilities. They use stringent CO2 extraction and a proprietary NanoTech Infusion ProcessTM to infuse more of the important plant Terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and botanicals into their products.

CannazAll offers a product where you will “feel” the difference, or they’ll give you your money back. They believe that “Hemp is health” and that CBD should be an added supplement to boost the immune system and create balance within the body. CBD is a supplement that can help the body better heal itself.

CannazAll Brand CBD Product Specs

  • Only uses first-cut CBD oil derived from 100% USA grown, Non-GMO, purpose grown hemp plants
  • Uses a NanoTech Infusion ProcessTM that infuses important plant materials back into their products
  • Never uses imported industrial hemp
  • THC levels below the FDA legal limit guidelines
  • Each batch is lab tested