Diamond CBD Brand CBD Overview

Diamond CBD is a company based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They are also a subsidiary of PotNetwork Holdings which controls more than 15 CBD brands. Publicly traded, PotNetwork Holdings trades under the ticker POTN. Our Diamond CBD review will focus on this outstanding brand and products.

Diamond CBD produces CBD oil only from organically-grown, non-GMO hemp plants manually selected from their fields in Scandinavia. Once harvesting is completed, the raw materials are checked for quality. Supercritical CO2 extraction is then performed to extract the natural Cannabidiol. Each batch of extract is then lab tested to ensure the highest quality of their products.

Diamond CBD believes that natural, organic CBD is a powerful agent for people seeking the health benefits of cannabis but do not want to break federal law or risk impairment.


What You Should Know About Diamond CBD Brand CBD Oil

Diamond CBD has a wide selection of CBD based products. From edibles and oils, to creams and even CBD products for your pet. Diamond CBD prides itself on having great products so everyone can enjoy the healthful benefits of using CBD.

Edibles – Diamond CBD’s edibles include gummy candies and small “shots.” Purchase products in various flavors and strengths.

Oils – CBD oils come in various strengths and more than 300 flavors. Concentrations range from 25mg to 1000mg. Use oils with a vape or, due to purity, consume orally.

Vapes – Diamond CBD produces CBD vape pens, vape tanks, and refills. Purchase vape products in a wide range of strengths and flavors. They even have a vape additive that you can add to your favorite vape liquid to get the full health benefits of CBD.

Dabs – Diamond CBD offers dabs in three forms: Crystal, Crystal Crumble, and Crystal Rock. These products range in strength from 200mg to 1000mg. Place dabs in a vaporizer to get the purest experience. Sprinkle their fine Crystal Dabs on foods.

Creams – Diamond CBD offers creams in various doses: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.  In partnership with NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, LT Pain Master was created. Therefore, it is a high strength topical cream designed for use after high intensity sports or activities.

Grinders – Diamond CBD’s Easy grinder comes in four colors: Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. This battery-operated grinder uses ceramic coated, non-stick blades to grind your herbs. Adjustable grind levels or operate manually for stubborn herbs.

For Pets – Diamond CBD produces CBD oil for your cat in a natural flavor. They also produce CBD for small, medium, and large dogs in a bacon flavor. They recommend using CBD for dogs that are elderly or ill. Their Pet CBD products can tackle a range of issues including aggression disorders, self-trauma, excessive vocalization, and urination/marking issues.


Diamond CBD Review

Diamond CBD is committed to making CBD part of a healthy regimen for all, but especially for those who experience pain or other conditions. Moreover, they focus on researching and developing innovative CBD hemp products and want to make them available worldwide.

Diamond CBD seeks to maintain the biochemical equilibrium within the herb. They believe this is the most healthful way to use CBD and is the most beneficial to people. Their products contain no THC, and thus are completely legal in all 50 states.


Diamond CBD Product Specs

  • 100% Natural CBD extract
  • CBD from organically grown, Non-GMO Hemp Grown in Scandinavia
  • Wide line of edibles in more than 300 flavors
  • Use of Supercritical CO2 Extraction to extract CBD oil
  • Product tested during each step of process
  • Legal in all 50 states