cbd oil benefits

Cannabinoids, or CBDs are being used now more than ever as trials and research expands on their beneficial properties. CBDs extracted from the hemp plants are being utilized as an alternative form of treatment compared to certain pharmaceuticals. Can CBDs surpass big pharma as the leader in certain treatment for things like anxiety and cancer? Find out some benefits of CBD oils and what big pharma doesn’t want you to know about CBD oil benefits.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cancer & Chronic Pain

CBDs extracted from the hemp plant that have beneficial properties without being psychoactive like THC. Extracted CBD oils provide some amazing benefits, like:

  • Anti-Inflammation – Around 60 compounds build up CBDs. These compounds carry anti-inflammatory properties which assist with ailments like arthritis. CBD oils have shown to reduce inflammation of joints and muscles in consistent users.
  • Anxiety Relief – While THC carries mind altering psychoactive properties which make its user feel a “high”, cannabinoids carry a reverse, antipsychotic effect which provides a calming effect to the users that suffer with anxiety.
  • Chronic Pain Relief – CBD oils have assisted in the pain relief of chronic suffers. The components found in CBDs form pathways with certain brain transmitters that lessen pain.
  • Cancer Fighting Treatment – Certain scientific reporting has shown that CBD oil use has assisted in fighting cancer growth. Along with its pain relieving properties, CBD oil assists in the pain found in chemotherapy treatment.

What Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know About CBDs

All things considered, with so many wonderful benefits associated with CBD oil use, it’s truly no wonder why big pharma doesn’t want you to know about this alternative herbal treatment. While trials and scientific research are still underway in understanding cannabinoids to the fullest, its findings have been positive.

At the present time, big pharmaceutical companies currently own large stakes in pain management. As people discover the alternative to expensive and cumbersome traditional medications, big pharma loses their grasp on the market. While there are great benefits to certain traditional medications, CBD oils offer an organic solution to an ever-growing chemical dependency problem in the world.