chronic pain

I’m Kelly and, for the most part, I’m a normal 27 year old woman. For the last ten years, I have experienced pain every day of my life. On good days, it’s a dull pain radiating from my body. On bad days, every joint aches and getting up to just use the bathroom is difficult.

Up until a year ago, I couldn’t work. I graduated college and what I thought was me just having trouble recovering from partying and late-night studying was pain that persisted. Even my digestive tract had issues. Pain. As the years progressed and I got my first job, I noticed it never subsided. Taking Tylenol or Motrin every day had become my normal… but it didn’t help.

Doctors Didn’t Have Answers for My Chronic Pain

No one could tell me what was wrong with me. Doctors prescribed me Tramadol, a prescription opioid. It was then that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Putting a name with what I was struggling with was great, but the effects of the drugs and my fatigue left me barely able to function as a human being. I couldn’t socialize, and I couldn’t work. Because I couldn’t work, I couldn’t pay my bills. I had to move in with my parents.

CBD Oil Changed My Life

After years of trying different supplements and dietary changes, I stumbled onto CBD oil. During my research, I found out it was helping people with a variety of ailments, including chronic pain. On a whim, I went to a highly regarded CBD retailer and purchased my first CBD oil diluted in water as well as a topical ointment. The ointment helped my joint pain while the CBD oil was taken internally.

Within days, there was improvement. By the second week, I had weaned off my prescription pain medications. I was sleeping again. Now, one year after starting my CBD regiment, I’m a new woman. I’m back to work, sleeping great, and living the life I had envisioned for myself.

I can’t say enough how CBD oil has changed my life for the better.