buy cannabis oil online

Deciding where to buy cannabis oil online and otherwise can be difficult. What sites are legitimate, which are scams? It’s not always easy to tell. If you are ready to make your first CBD purchase, you need to be armed with some basic information so that you get the best CBD oil.

Top 5 Places to Buy Cannabis Oil Online

You may be asking yourself where to buy CBD oil. Look no further! We provide some basic, reputable resources for you to discover your new, favorite brand of CBD oil or vape juice.

  • – CBDadvocate has reviewed Amazon before. Both on our site and on Amazon itself, you have reviews by other users. Use that valuable information to pick the CBD oil that best meets your needs.
  • Manufacturer Website – Going directly to the manufacturer site is the best way to ensure you’re getting the legitimate product. Supplement counterfeiting is a huge issue. Going directly to the manufacturer will guarantee quality.
  • Popular Health Food Stores E-commerce Sites – Stores like the Vitamin Shoppe have an online presence. You can look on their sites for CBD oil products. Although not all sell CBD products, it’s a good place to look.
  • Reputable Health Supplement Websites – There are some small, independent and online-only stores that sell some quality CBD products. However, check testimonials and reviews by other customers? None exist? Then buyer beware.
  • Tobacco Shops – We listed this one last because it’s the most varied in terms of quality. Some tobacco and smoke shops are top-quality, but others lack good products. What you should look for are especially vape shops that have clearly made a worthwhile investment in their business. Their CBD products aren’t expired and the shop worker is well-versed on product specs. You want to leave confident you’re using the best CBD oil.

Tips for When You Buy Cannabis Oil Online

Beware cheap products – Red flag #1. Cheap products don’t always mean poorer quality BUT it is a good indicator to investigate further.

Cure-all claims – The FDA does not allow CBD oil companies to make medical claims. They can point you in the direction of study findings and make an argument for WHY CBD oils may help certain ailments. They cannot, however, claim that they cure any symptoms or diseases.

THC-free – CBD oils should NOT contain THC. If it does, it may not be legal in your state. If you are trying to avoid the psychotropic effects of THC, then investigate the ingredients.

Authentic products – Counterfeit products can make you ill. Look for manufacturers who print lot numbers, have brand security features or can in some way verify if a product originated in their labs. This is becoming a common issue in the supplement industry.


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